Karnataka: Denied loan, a man sets bank on fire.

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On Sunday, a man named Wasim Hazaratsab Mulla set fire to a bank office in Karnataka’s Haveri district. This looked to have occurred when the accused’s loan application was denied by the bank authorities.

The 33-year-old accused is a Rattihalli inhabitant.

The accused had sought a loan from the Canara Bank branch in Hedugonda village, which is under the jurisdiction of Kaginele police, according to sources in the Times of India. The bank, however, turned down the man’s application due to his poor CIBIL (Credit Information Bureau (India) Limited) score.

Mulla, however, was angry by the denial and arrived at the bank’s office later that night, enraged by the morning’s outcome. When the accused arrived at the building, he smashed a window and spilled gasoline inside the bank’s office. He then set fire to the office.

Passers-by immediately called the police and fire departments after seeing smoke. Mulla was also apprehended by the police as he attempted to depart his village after causing havoc.

According to reports, the Kaginele police have taken down the villagers’ remarks and are investigating the situation.

The police have filed a complaint under Indian Penal Code Sections 435, 436, and 477. (IPC).

The fire in the bank, according to the authorities, caused damage worth Rs 12 lakh. According to the authorities, the fire destroyed at least five laptops, lights, fans, a passbook printer, documents, CCTVs, cash counting equipment, and cash counters.

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